Fresh angezockt – Machineers

Reparieren, reparieren und nochmal reparieren. Das machen wir heute in Machineers. Danke an Lohika Games für das kostenlose Bereitstellen des Spiels.

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Machineers is an award-winning independent puzzle game, designed to help players think like programmers and engineers.
Young robot Zola works as a trainee in Hayden’s repair shop in the middle of an old amusement park called Tivoli Town. She dreams of becoming a Machineer! Equipped with a tool box full of gears, electric wires, you help out the town folks and fix their crazy contraptions. Once you have earned the title of proper Machineer, you are ready for your next challenge: Enter the Vehicle Workshop and design your own car from the ground up, to transport you to the next episode.
In Episode 2: River City (available as DLC), Zola arrives in River City where an attempt to simplify repairs has left the citizens depressed and without a creative spark, while a mysterious saboteur makes trouble. Can you find out how to help the people of River City? They need you to fix their machines and give them new hope!

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