Fresh angezockt – Toy Wars Invasion

Ihr wolltet schon immer wissen, was euer Spielzeug nachts so treibt wenn ihr schlaft? Sich gegenseitig bekriegen. Heute dürfen wir mittendrin sein in Toy Wars Invasion. Danke an Web Interactive Solutions für das kostenlose Bereitstellen des Games.

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Toy Wars Invasion

The neglected and despised toys of the world are angry and have escaped their forgotten toy box prisons and are seeking revenge on the wanted and liked toys. You must stop them by finding and destroying their toybox lairs. At times, construction workers may come to help by building resources, so protect them as you battle the unwanted.

In first person, play singleplayer, 4 person co-op and 8 person Death Match and fight 21 enemy including deformed toys, wizards, giant cyborg bears and plastic soldiers.

The world is interactive and randomized and set to a real world scale. Play with an arsenal of 13 weapons, 2 armed vehicles, 3 racing cars ( a slot car racing track), model train to ride, a beach plus more …

Enjoy an enhanced game only on Steam.

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